Current Graduate Students

Parker Laimbeer (Ph.D) Copy number variation in the potato genome

Pris Sears (M.S.) Virus resistance in transgenic Impatiens

Hua Xiao (Ph.D.) Iron acquisition in Andean potato cultivars

Recent Graduate Students

Brenda Arnold (Peterson) (M.S. 2013) Identification of candidate genes for self-compatibility in a diploid population of potato derived from parents used in genome sequencing

Nan Lu (Ph.D. 2013) Transposon based activation tagging in diploid strawberry and monoploid derivatives of potato

Norma Costanza Manrique (Ph.D. 2013) Genetic studies of candidate genes in the glycoalkaloid biosynthetic pathway of potato

Jared Carter (M.S. 2012) Development of a Transposon Based Activation Tagged Mutant Population in Tomato for Functional Genomic Analysis

Sukhwinder Aulakh Singh (Ph.D. 2012) Characterization of activation tagged potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) mutants

Sarah Hudson Holt (Ph.D. 2011)
Genetic studies of phenotypic variants in the woodland strawberry, (Fragaria vesca)

Robert Clark Lindsay (M.S. 2010)
Seed germination, kanamycin sulfate selection, and the influence of nitrogen treatments on an insertional mutant population of Fragaria vesca

Juan Jairo Ruiz-Rojas (Ph.D. 2010)
Thesis: Characterization of T-DNA integration sites within a population of insertional mutants of the diploid strawberry Fragaria vesca L.

Yeun-Kyung Chang (M.S. 2008)
Thesis: Amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP) analysis of genetic variability in Phalaenopsis

Vishal Arora (M.S. 2006)
Thesis: Characterization of polymorphic microsatellites in strawberry and their transferability to other genera in the Rosaceae family

Aaron Baxter (M.S. 2005)
Thesis: Regeneration and transformation of Impatiens walleriana using cotyledonary node culture

Leslie Blischak (M.S. 2005)
Thesis: Gametophytic selection for thermotolerance in Phalaenopsis

Rahul Gupta (M.S. 2005)
Thesis: PCR-based synthesis of codon optimized cry2Aa gene for production of shoot and fruit borer (Leucinodes orbonalis) resistant eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) cultivars

Gordon Lightbourn (Ph.D. 2004)
Dissertation: Development of intermonoploid somatic hybrids of potato and their molecular analysis based on polymorphism for retroelement Tst1

Rosie Palumbo (M.S. 2003)
Thesis: The potential for green fluorescent protein as a screening tool in the production of haploid potato plants

Jeffrey Skoneczka (M.S. 2004)
Thesis: Inheritance and expression of Cry3Aa and PVY-O coat protein transgenes in diploid and tetraploid potato

Phillip Wadl (M.S. 2005)
Thesis: Improved regeneration and Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of wild strawberry (Fragaria vesca L.)

John Varrieur (M.S. 2002)
Thesis: AFLP marker analysis of monoploid potato

Alexander A. Johnson (Ph.D. 2001)
Dissertation: Effect of ploidy elevation, copy number and parent-of-origin on transgene expression in potato