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Internship Guidelines

What is an internship?

An internship is an educational work experience. Similar to a class, it meets for a specific period of time and has specific objectives to be decided together with the internship supervisor. Internships are intended to provide a structured, hands-on practical experience which compliments academic study. An internship differs from a temporary job in that it is intentionally structured to give experience in various areas. The best internships are offered by companies that have established internships in which you are rotated among different "divisions" or are periodically assigned to different types of tasks. All students in the Landscape Horticulture and Design, and Environmental Horticulture are required to finish an internship before graduation.

When do I do my internship?

Internships can be accomplished during any semester. It is best to do an internship before or during your junior year as it is a prerequisite for HORT 4004 Horticulture Seminar which is offered Fall semester. During HORT 4004 students will formally present the internship experience in class. NOTE: Be sure to take photographs throughout the internship experience to include in the HORT 4004 presentation and/or electronic portfolio.

Internship Responsibilities

All arrangements are your responsibility.

  • Complete the Horticulture "Internship Agreement" form and get it signed by the company and returned to your advisor before you start.
  • Internships should ideally be 10 – 12 weeks in length and 40 hours per week.
  • Internships should provide valuable and diverse experiences (e.g., being a crew member that only mows turf is not an internship).
  • Company representative will be sent an "Evaluation" form to complete and return to the department. The results of the evaluation will not affect your HORT 4004 Seminar grade.
  • Note: Past experience cannot count towards an internship.
  • Direct any internship questions to your academic advisor.