Undergraduate Advisors

Please contact Jen Stewart, the academic advisor for horticulture students, for any questions regarding majors and minors.

Jen can also help identify a faculty member to serve as a faculty advisor to:

  • - Help you find the best courses for your interests
  • - Smooth the way through administrative issues and approve course substitutions
  • - Keep an eye out for the best internship opportunities for you
  • - Provide letters of recommendation for you (but only if you get to know them!)
  • - Help you network and find professional opportunities that will further your career
  • And much more!

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Have you seen these people?

Susan Clark
(540) 231-8768


Scott Douglas
(540) 231-7432


Alex Hessler
(540) 231-3083


Barbara Leshyn
(540) 231-1432
Alex Niemiera
(540) 231-67223
Holly Scoggins
(540) 231-5783