2018 Virginia Smart Farming Conference

Brags and Blunders

John McMahon

Schuyler Greens, Schuyler VA

John McMahon owns and operates Schuyler Greens Company, a high-tech greenhouse operation and farm located near Charlottesville, VA. He has been featured on Virginia Home Grown (PBS), Vegetable Growers Magazine, and has provided technical growing support to a wide range of clients including growers, universities, and technology companies in the CEA industry. John has a MBA in Finance and approaches farming from a data-driven perspective. His current interests are automation, data analytics, and machine learning in the greenhouse.

Ryan Pierce

Fresh Impact Farms, Arlington VA

Ryan Pierce is the founder and owner of Fresh Impact Farms, a vertical hydroponic farm in Arlington, VA, that grows unique culinary herbs, edible flowers, and microgreens for chefs in the DC metro area. Fresh Impact is the only commercial farm in Arlington County and one of only a few indoor farms in the United States servicing chefs' needs for flavorful, unique and rare herbs. Prior to starting Fresh Impact, Ryan led a successful career in the cloud computing industry, most recently as the Director for Datapipe Government Solutions. He started Fresh Impact Farms as a direct response to traditional and unsustainable agriculture that grows crops for yield rather than flavor using methods that are harmful to the environment. While atypical, his transition from technology to indoor farming has provided him with an acute understanding of the delicate marriage of technology and agriculture and how it can positively impact food quality, consistency, transparency and security. Ryan has a BA in business administration from the University of Delaware. 

Jerry and Joyce Conner

Four Oaks Farms, LLC, Wirtz VA

Four Oaks Farms is a small family owned business doing one thing, growing and marketing high quality gourmet lettuce and other leaf crops, including microgreens, herbs and other vegetables, using a controlled environment greenhouse operation equipped with the most recent technology in hydroponic growing systems.  Four Oaks Farms focuses their marketing to the local area (within 75 to 100 mile radius of the farm) to provide the freshest possible vegetables. Their intent is to be known as the producer of the highest quality produce available in the area.

FAQ On Farm Food Safety