Outreach and Extension

All Horticulture faculty and staff are fully engaged in the community, the campus, and the Commonwealth. To read more about our Engaged Department, click here. Horticulture faculty mentor high school students at Governor’s school science fairs, coordinate statewide 4-H and Master Gardener programs, work with growers and nurseries around the state to meet new production and environmental challenges. Extensive public education programming is available through the Hahn Horticulture Garden.

On campus and around the community, horticulture students and faculty have planted over a thousand trees and shrubs in the last fifteen years. Horticulture research facilities receive hundreds of visitors every year. Staying engaged with the public, professionals, and future horticulturists and scientists brings the benefit of faculty expertise to the wider world and helps keep Virginia Tech’s education and research cutting edge—and addressing real world problems.

Extension Faculty

Arancibia, Ramon Horticulture Crops Eastern Shore AREC
Close, David Consumer Horticulture and Extension Master Gardener Specialist Blacksburg
Fox, Laurie Low Impact Development Hampton Roads AREC
Freeborn, John Master Gardener Coordinator Blacksburg
Latimer, Joyce Floriculture Extension Blacksburg
Niemiera, Alex Landscape Horticulture Extension Blacksburg
Owen, Jim Nursery and Greenhouse Production Hampton Roads AREC
Samtani, Jayesh Small fruit production specialist Hampton Roads AREC, Virginia Beach
Scoggins, Holly Nutrition of herbaceous perennials Main Campus, Blacksburg
Sherif, Sherif Pomology Alson H. Smith AREC (Winchester)
Vallotton, Amber Fresh Produce Food Safety Main Campus, Blacksburg
Wolf, Tony Viticulture Alson H. Smith AREC (Winchester)