More on the CSECP Engaged Department Award

VT’s Center for Student Engagement & Community Partnerships (CSECP), awarded the Horticulture Department the university–wide Engaged Department Initiative Grant in 2009. According to CSEP, "The Engaged Department Initiative, adapted from the national Campus Compact model, institutes a paradigm of scholarship that is built on collaboration over individualism, and demonstrates a collective commitment to teaching and discovery for the common good." Our department's proposal was chosen for its innovative plan for community engagement across our curriculum and its documentation within electronic portfolios to be compiled by all horticulture students. The $10,000 grant will help implement this program. The team putting the proposal together was led by Alex Niemiera and other members included Barbara Kraft, Holly Scoggins, Robert McDuffie, and Susan Day.

Read more in the article "CNR Receives Engaged Department Award" Engagement Matters Vol. 1 Issue 5, May 2009 (on page 3).