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Windows in the Garden

In 2017 a public arts project was initiated by Blacksburg Regional Art Association to up-cycle dozens of windows into art under the leadership of a local remodeling contractor and his artist wife Dave Angle and Diane Relf. The project consisted of a series of three installations of Art Windows over a three-year period, created by BRAA members and other “creativities” in the community.

In 2017, the Alexander Black House on Draper Road in Blacksburg happily hosted the first assortment of windows designed by both BRAA members and other local artists. Promoted as a two-month installation, the windows were so well received by the public that the Board requested an extension which lasted two years until the windows were removed to reconstruct the frames for use at the 2019 Hahn Garden installation.

In 2018, local artists created two dozen windows and installed in the lawn and garden of the Montgomery Museum and Lewis Miller Regional Art Center on S. Pepper Street in Christiansburg. The Director reported a noticeable increase in visitors as people were attracted to the Windows and requests to use them at City Hall were even made. Both of these museums have been promised the return of windows after the completion of the show at the Hahn Gardens. You can view the art from these two exhibits at

In 2019, the final collection of windows has been installed at the Hahn Horticulture Garden on campus at Virginia Tech co-presented by BRAA members and Art in the Hahn Horticulture Gardens volunteer committee, which have a significant overlap in membership. With 38 windows installed, this represents the widest diversity of artists with local artists from various parts of the NRV, faculty from the VT Visual Arts, students from VT and the Blacksburg New School, as well as a few retrospectives from 2017 and 2018 shows.

Combining the original estimate to have the frames built for the installations of $125 each, the usual market price of the 60+ windows used over the 3 years of $20 to $85 dollars each, the value of the art work and the cost of installation would have brought this installation to over $15,000, if it were not for it being implemented as public art for the public by the public as volunteers brought together resources, creative energy and old fashioned hard work as a gift to their community.

According to BRAA President Gerri Young none of these public art exhibitions would be possible without the unflagging enthusiasm and amazing assortment of "stuff" stocked at the Christiansburg home of Diane Relf and Dave Angle. Their generous offer of old windows, art supplies, labor building and installing the frames, and time organizing the events, goes above and beyond anything we could have asked for.

BRAA offers our admiration and thanks to Diane, Dave, Sue Farrar of the Montgomery Museum, Rhonda Morgan of the Black House and Scott Douglas of Hahn Horticulture Gardens and all the participating artists, volunteers and staff of the three installation sites for their hard work and willingness to think outside the norm for these exhibitions.

Art Exhibition Dates: May 1 to June 30, 2019

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Title (click for more info) Artist
1. Ecosystem Engineers Kaitlyn Hogarth
2. Stained Glass Miranda Robison
3. Koi Pond Kiley Martin
4. The View Jenna Rose Helme
5. Little Critters Alexis Bosley
6. Growth Rachel Breeden
7. Beetle Shoshana Levenson
8. Man on the Moon Rachael Cullen
9. Light Cycle Hiromi Okumura
10. “Hahn” of Hahn Garden Jean Poff Galloway
11. Earth Daughter Terry Warthen
12. Great Whales Riley Chan
13. Lark Ascending Riley Chan
14. The Sun and The Moon Darcy Meeker and Lara Miller
15. Summer Dreams Lynn Pirie
16. If Only I Had a Garden Sally Mook
17. Stitches of Light Paula Golden
18. Rockin’ in the Seasons Pam Goff
19. Brilliant Blooms Pam Goff
20. Garden Wedding Anne Panella
21. Rabbit Trails and Tales Linda Correll
22. Window on the Hah-Above and Below Sue Hossack
23. Glass Vines Sue Hossack
24. Click Matt Gentry
25. Flower Flow Sandy Knapp
26. New River Valley Patina Gerri Young, Mina Hejazi, Bill Pulley
27. Hahn Garden Impressions Donald Sunshine
28. Noodles in the Garden Joanna Sunshine
29. Pathways Joanna Sunshine
30. Moonscape Melissa Barnharth
31. Thoughts from the Garden Dollie Cottrill
32. The Bursting Blossoms Sophia Dunleavy, David Minic-Rosenthal and Emily Paul
33. Reflections Esther Minic-Rosenthal and Joy Rosenthalh
34. Shining Tree of Life Nancy Norton
35. Butterfly in the Garden - Looking at coneflowers through a butterfly window Loretta and Raf Bedia
36. Butterflies Dave Angle
37. Strength in Nature Sandy Miller

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