Simply Elemental 2018

Simply Elemental is an outdoor, multi-artist installation held annually at the beautiful Hahn Horticulture Garden located on the campus of Virginia Tech. 2018 marks the first time that Simply Elemental has also included live performance art to accompany the visual art installations. Visit the garden anytime (dawn to dusk) to check out the visual art displayed in the garden. Keep an eye on our event calendar for special performances presented as part of Simply Elemental in August and September.

According to this year’s chair: “Each year Simply Elemental develops its own theme as the work is installed. One year it was full of interactive pieces, another found mushrooms popping up all over. This year Simply Elemental 2018 has evolved with two themes. One is environmental consciousness: concerns for the environment and how we use our resources are evident in much of the work. Pieces address the damaging impact of waste and both the need to and the ability to reuse and recycle materials to stop the waste stream that goes from our homes and offices to land and ocean. Others show how repurposed materials bring focus to the joy of life.

The second theme is music and motion. Music and motion are established by the performance artists, who have joined Simply Elemental for the first time. In addition, many of the installation pieces move gently in the breeze twisting and turning, fluttering and shimmering.

These two themes blend to make us realize deeply the value and joy of life surrounded by nature and the fragility of that bond if we fail to respect and nurture the life of plants around us.”

Additional comments from Simply Elemental 2018 Chair, Diane Relf, explaining the combined vision evolved by the artists presenting their work in this year’s Simply Elemental, is found here

Art Exhibition Dates: August 1 to September 30, 2018

Simply Elemental Performance Art has been scheduled for the following dates, but watch for additions to the schedule:

Event Date
Artist Reception August 5th, 2:00 to 4:00pm
Panda Bag August 5th, during the Artist Reception
The Bubble Man August 5th, during the Artist Reception
Tai Chi & Body Flow in the Gardens August 30th, 6:00 to 7:30pm
Music and Poetry in the Allee September 12th, 6:00 to 8:00pm
Ebru Bish and Renate Kehlenbeck September 12th, during Music and Poetry in the Allee
John Hildreth September 12th, during Music and Poetry in the Allee
Poets: Piper Durrell, Diane Porter Goff, B. Chelsea Adams September 12th, during Music and Poetry in the Allee
Spectral Arts September 12th, during Music and Poetry in the Allee
Learn at Lunch - Mindfulness & Wellness September 19th, 12:00 to 1:00pm
Learn at Lunch - Artist Perspective: Gerri Young September 26th, 12:00 to 1:00pm
Closing Reception & Pop-up Festival September 30th, 1:00 to 5:00pm (Art pieces will be available for sale 2:00 to 4:00pm on 9/30)

Upcoming Live Performances

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Map showing locations of the pieces will be coming soon.

For additional information on individual artists and their art pieces, please click below:

art in garden logo  
Location / Title (click for more info) Artist
00. Glorious Glass Flowers Richard Hammer
1. Cattails Dave Angle and Diane Relf
2. Bleached Floral Coral Diane Relf
3. Gazing Cube Terry Ellen Carter
4. Courtship Lauren Collver and Michael Collver
5. CMY Bench I Darcy Meeker
6. Alternate Universes Diane Relf and Dave Angle
7. Make Your Own Art (SE 2016) Dave Angle, Paul Chumbley, and Diane Relf
8. Simply Irresistible! (SE 2017) Lauren Collver and Michael Collver
9. Rosalyn the Rustic Ruminant Diane Relf and Dave Angle
10. Organic Sprawl Henry Whitehurst
11. Crystal Flowers Susan V. Lockwood
12. Cattywampus Caterpillar Gerri Young and Nancy Norton
13. Treasures of Time Rhonda T. Whitehurst
14. Wind Instrument Kathy Elich
15. Frogs on a frame Robi Sallee
16. Three Coins Robert H. Smith
17. Virtual Variations on Various Vexations (SE 2015) Lauren Collver
18.Rising Sun Judy Lindberg
19. Birdie Badminton Gayle Jackson and Katherine Quinn
20. Iridescence Christiansburg High School Art Department (Laura Graham)
21. The Power of the Purse NRV Master Gardeners
22.Trashy Robi Sallee
23. Peeping Peepers Robi Sallee
24. Poesy Prints Passek-Collver Family
25. Tree Trunks and Leaves Hang Out Jennifer Lovejoy
26. Grandma's Gorgeous Glass Gazebo Richard P. Hammer
27. Blacksburg - We Are All One Donald Sunshine
28. Passage Donald Sunshine and JoAnna Sunshine
29. Blacksburg By Design Joanna Sunshine
30. Next Season Shelley O’Connor
31. Circles of Color Terry Warthen
32.Through the Looking Glass Linda Correll
33. Eve's Apple Delbert Jones
34. Circle of Life Anne Panella
35. Twisting in the Wind Suzy Edlund
36. Minding the Wind Suzy Edlund
37.Singing The Wind’s Song Paul Zenner
38. Gourdelier Anne Panella
39. Lions and Tigers and Dragons, Oh My! Linda Correll

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