Simply Elemental 2017

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7. She Was So Shy and Dignified--Then Suddenly She Bloomed
By Gerri Young and Mina Hejazi


Gerri Young made a cape for the Frank Lloyd Wright sculpture reproduction known as "The Maid in the Mud." This serene lady decided to get all dressed up for the Simply Elemental occasion. Her petals are crafted from simple shelf lining foam cut into five different sizes of petals and aluminum wire for electric fencing gives them their curving shapes. The color comes from acrylic paint. The butterfly is outfitted with button eyes and wire antenna. This whimsical installation may be found in the Trident Maple Allee.

Visit Gerri's web site for more details on how this piece was conceived and created.


Simply Elemental 2017

Hahn Horticulture Garden