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2. Flower
By Charlie Brouwer


Artist Statement:

This 12-foot piece may be seen at the center bed facing Washington Street. Since 2002 I have been using local locust wood to make my outdoor sculptures. I enjoy combining parts of trees and lumber from local sawmills because it reminds me that we are part nature and part our own invention. I stain many of my sculptures in shades of black, white and grey because it suggests that they might convey meanings beyond the objects they depict.


Charlie Brouwer lives and has a studio in Floyd County, Virginia. Nine acres of open fields and woods, with 20 + outdoor sculptures placed along a 1/2 mile walking trail, surround his house and studio. Charlie calls their place "Out There" because of its remote location at the end of a gravel road, but also because he believes that art can point us towards thoughts, feelings, and meanings beyond our immediate experience.

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Simply Elemental 2017

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