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Simply Elemental 2016

Diane Relf / Dave Angle

Flowers in Rust / Rosalyn the Rustic Ruminant

Flowers in rust
Monoprinting on sheer curtains using rusted objects is a unique way to recycle and reuse discarded items to create new and different pieces of art.

Rosalyn the Rustic Ruminant
Over the years I collected five of the 275 gallon fuel tanks with the idea of a herd up on our back hill. When we put the 2015 Simply Elemental Art in the Garden project together, I thought what a great time to build the herd and share it publicly. Rosalyn the Rustic Ruminant was built as the first cow of our herd. She is simple in design and structure to represent the rural values that are found in recycling of the even the simplest materials. Dave and I are planning a few more simple and rustic cows to keep Steven, the Steam Punk cow company in our home landscape.

Simply Elemental 2016
Hahn Horticulture Garden