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Simply Elemental 2016

NRV Master Naturalists

In a Stream Near You

Participating artists: Shannon Ritter, June Mullins, Jen Smith, Mary Ratliff, Mike Pinder, Lisa Carver, Nancy Hazzouri


The New River Valley Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalists (VMN) is a group of volunteers interested in protecting natural resources in Virginia.  Even though it was Shannon Ritter who conceived the idea of creating a parade float titled “In A Stream Near You”, many people contributed to this work of art.  Other volunteers contributing their talents to this marvelous creation include Lisa Carver, Nancy Hazzouri, Barbara Walker, Jen Smith, June Mullins, Dianna Bridges, Mary Ratliff, Liz Kirchner, and Mike Pinder.  The sculpture presented here includes elements from the parade float.

Artist Statement

One of the missions of VMN is educational outreach and what better way to do that than to introduce people to the amazing but hidden diversity of freshwater stream fish in the New River Valley.  By taking the fish to the garden, the NRV-VMN hopes to increase the public’s awareness and appreciation of clean water and healthy streams.  Well camouflaged when looking from above, it is not easy to see the beautiful coloration of these fish but they are right there – in Stroubles Creek and Toms Creek and that stream you pass on your next walk.  The fish on display in this sculpture are painted to represent a few of the beautiful fish native to southwest Virginia, specifically the crescent shiner, rosyside dace, mountain redbelly dace, Roanoke logperch, and rosefin shiner.

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Simply Elemental 2016
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