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Simply Elemental 2016

Rhonda Morgan, Dave Angle and Diane Relf

Make Your Own Art

Artist Statement

Inspired by cairns of all shapes and sizes at multiple locations in her travels, Relf decided create a site for self expression in the gardens, allowing people to recognizing that each of us have a creative ability. Cairns have been built since prehistory for a multitude of reasons from survey tools to trail markers to religious symbols. In recent years that have become a means of creative expression, simply marking the individual's passage. They can be simple or challenging but taken individually and together with other cairns they add aesthetic appeal to an environment. Angle and Chumbley were the backbone and muscle to make this resource available. It is our hope that this Cairns Bed will entice many a visitor to become a part of the art in the garden by building their own cairn and photographing themselves and friends and sharing it on social media, thus encouraging others to visit the Garden.

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Simply Elemental 2016
Hahn Horticulture Garden