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Simply Elemental 2016

Sue Hossack

Flowers and Bees

Biography: Although I took art in high school, I found little time for any art work after I graduated from university and started work as a software engineer. I took occasional classes, such as print making, and elements of design, but my job seemed to take up most of my time. I did learn to make stained glass during this time. After spending almost 30 years as a software engineer, in 2001 I changed career and trained as an Occupational Therapist. I retired from that at the end of 2012. It had been my ambition for many years to take up painting once I retired; now it was finally a reality! I started taking classes at The Studio School in Roanoke, and the YMCA in Blacksburg. My preferred medium is acrylic, but I am willing to try anything! I have taken pen and ink classes, and watercolor workshops. I like to paint still lifes, animals, trees, and boats. I continue to explore ways to incorporate stained-glass techniques in my work. I am an associate membership of Women Painters of the Southeast.

Artist Statement: In September of last year I visited the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit in Seattle, WA. Not only was the building filled with incredible blown-glass structures, but the garden had colorful organic glass shapes amongst the flowers and shrubs. It was amazing. I am unable to create anything like that but it inspired me to make these large stained glass flowers to try and bring the color of sunlight shining through glass to the Hahn Gardens. I am also a bee keeper, so I have incorporated some bees flying over the flowers to remind us of how important they are.

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Simply Elemental 2016
Hahn Horticulture Garden