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Simply Elemental 2016

Teri Hoover

Doors of Light and Shadow, and Huckleberry Weave

Teri Hoover

Artist Statement

The disappearance of the dirt path into the the curve,  the fallen dry leaf rolled in on itself, the ripple of water through cat tails, the frenzy of vines around the trunk of a tree, the swoop and bend of  tall green grasses in the field,  the gentle lift and sway of willow branches, the brazen fall and rise of the red wing black birds call.

I am inspired by nature to observe and navigate the paradoxical elements of life. Specifically those found in human interactions.  In 2015 I used the concept of “the curve of a line” to generate a collection of photographic images called Summoning the Lines of Safety. This collection of images was an intentional turning point which allowed me to  understand how to utilize art and creativity to better understand myself and the world.

Understanding that the curve of a line provides me with solace, but more than that it gives me and anchor and a foundation with which to begin other projects. A case in point is my latest undertaking; The Doors of Light and Shadow.

I have had a thing for doors, windows and stairs since I was about 15. In fact my very first art display was a collection of 25images of  doors in 2014. (It was before I realized my affinity to the curve of the line came first.) So when the opportunity to participate in the Simply Elemental 2016 I knew it would be a good time to upcycle the french doors that have been sitting in my basement for 6 years. It was an easy leap to back the two doors together and create a shadow box of sorts. Filling the place between the two doors with an assortment of curvy vines (which I collect on my beloved Huckleberry Trail.) was a dream come true. I love seeing the curvy shadows the vines make and how the shadows change as the light changes. I hope you enjoy my piece.

Doors of Light and Shadow

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Simply Elemental 2016
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