"Simply Elemental" 2016

After its success last summer, the Art in the Garden committee has teamed together once again to bring artwork into the garden from many talented artists throughout the New River Valley. The Simply Elemental exhibit will be open for visitors until September 30th, 2016.

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In the news WFXR August 1st: "Ag Life: Garden and Art Combine"

Follow links below to visit artists' websites or send them email. Here is a map of the show. Please tag shared photos on social media with #SimplyElemental2016

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Location / Artist (click for more info) Title Price Web site / Contact
1. Richard Hammer Glorious Glass Flowers
$150 FireByDragon@gmail.com
2. Kirk Carter Angel Chair $400 www.kirkcarter.com
3. Paula Golden New World Porcupines $300 www.paulagolden.com
4. Teri Hoover Doors of Light and Shadow NFS www.terihhooverphotography.com
5. Dale Huff Tribal Harvest Hibernia, Hebridean Ibernian, and The Pendant of Feliz contact  
6. Carrie Kozikowski Earth Fire Water Wind $560 Picasa site
7. Dale Huff Diamond Mosaic contact  
8. Stan Stanley & Susan Lockwood V2T2 (Formerly R2D2) $400 svlockwood@aol.com
9. Joe Jenelle Wind Dancer Iris NFS
10. Richard Hammer Intention Tree
NFS FireByDragon@gmail.com
11. Richard Hammer Newton’s Cradle
$3,000 FireByDragon@gmail.com
12. Richard Hammer Glorious Glass Flowers
$150 FireByDragon@gmail.com
13. Rick & Debby Durrett Through the Window
NFS www.lookingglassdesignone.com
14. Rick & Debby Durrett Glass Garden House
NFS www.lookingglassdesignone.com
15. Maren Weber Flower Pow(d)er Room NFS  
16. Floyd High School Art Department Laken Quesenberry - Mandolin
Crisslynn Lytton - Sea Horse
Mallory Cox - Turtle
Alexis Reed - Dog
Lacey Woods - Octopus
Danielle Huff - Rabbit
Mary Phillips - Fish
NFS www.floyd.k12.va.us
17. Rhonda Morgan, Dave Angle and Diane Relf Be Your Own Art

Frame rotates to capture other views, if turned slowly and gently. Please share pictures taken in this frame on social media! #SimplyElemental2016

NFS dianerelf@icloud.com
18. Jackie Harder A Forest Tea Party $930 www.jackieharderart.com
19. Textile Artists of Virginia (TAVA) Kaleidoscope Flutters By

(A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope)

NFS textileartva.wixsite.com/tava
20. Floyd Quilt Guild
Leaf It To Quilters NFS www.floydquiltguild.com
21. Teri Hoover & Gerri Young Huckleberry Weave NFS terihhooverphotography.com
22. Lauren Collver  Bedrock Beetles   www.facebook.com/Lauren-C-311718612503176/
23. Pam Shanley Logs a Glow $120 pamshanley.wix.cim/fiberart
24. Gerri Young Fancy Pants NFS artisticgerri.com
25. Diane Relf Flowers in Rust   dianerelf@icloud.com
26. NRV Master Naturalists In a Stream Near You NFS NRV Master Naturalist Google Site
27. Bill Pulley Rockin' with Mondrian $275 Bp4Texas@gmail.com
28. Bruce Goepel Grateful Head $675 gwengoepel@gmail.com
29. Darcy Meeker Opening Light $1000 www.darcymeeker.com darcy.meeker@gmail.com
30. Paul Chumbley, Dave Angle and Diane Relf Make Your Own Art

Please share pictures on social media! #SimplyElemental2016

NFS dianerelf@icloud.com
31. Diane Relf and Dave Angle Rosalyn the Rustic Ruminant NFS dianerelf@icloud.com
32. Sue Hossack Flowers and Bees NFS suehossack50.wix.com/portfolio
33. Richard Hammer Glorious Glass Flowers
$150 FireByDragon@gmail.com
34. Dale Huff Sageland NFS  


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