Greenhouse Heating and Energy

This table contains a variety of greenhouse heating and energy resources suggested by or provided by the speakers in the “Profitable Greenhouse Production of Local Produce” program held this past May. You may want to search for these titles if you especially want an updated version.
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Title ? Source ?
Dealing with the High Cost of Energy for Greenhouse Operations Latimer, J. 2009, Virginia Cooperative Extension
Greenhouse Heater Checklist Mullins, C. 2009, Virginia Cooperative Extension
Alternative Fuels in the Greenhouse Collins, M. 2005
Case Study: Biomass Combustion Systems 2001, Natural Resources Canada
Greenhouse Heating with Geothermal Heat Pump Systems Chiasson, A.
Deglas Acrylic Sheet Greenhouse Journal (May 2007) 2007, Degussa
Wood Burning Furnace Update Bulletin Dulley, J. 2004
Control Your Energy Costs Grants and Incentives Lend a Hand Kenney, B. 2006, Greenhouse Grower
Standards for Heat Loss in Greenhouse Structures National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association
Greenhouse Energy Tax Incentives Burnett, S.E. and Stack, L.B. The University of Maine
Greenhouse Heating Efficiency Design Considerations 1998, National Greenhouse Manufacturers Association
Gas-Fired Infrared Heating for Greenhouses Stone, P. and Youngsman, J. 2006, Roberts Gordon
Direct–Use Geothermal in Agriculture (presentation) Witcher, J.C. Witcher and Associates
Chapter 14, Greenhouses Rafferty, K.D. OIT Geo-Heat Center
Geothermal Greenhouse Development Update Lienau, P.J. 1997, GHC Bulletin
Greenhouse Structures and Management (presentation) Biernbaum, J. Michigan State University
Heating Buildings and Business Operations with Biomass Fuel: A Planning Guide Schilling, C.H., et al. 2008, Michigan State University Extension
Energy Conservation For Greenhouse Growers Tatum, D. and bonner, J. 2010, Mississippi State University Extension Service
Curtain Systems NGMA
Greenhouse Energy Conservation- A Case Study Approach from Penn State Halcomb, E.J., and Berghage, R., Penn State University
Greenhouse Energy Conservation Checklist (webpage) Bartok, J.W. University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension
Greenhouse Heating Checklist Bucklin, R.A., et al. 1992, Florida Cooperative Extension Service
Heating Greenhouses Buffington, D.E., et al. 1992, Florida Cooperative Extension Service
Maintenance Guide for Greenhouse Ventilation,
Evaporative Cooling Heating Systems
Buffington, D.E., et al. 1986, Florida Cooperative Extension Service
Economic Viability of Using Hardwood Residue Chips as a Heating Source for Nursery Greenhouse Operations in Tennessee Jensen, K., et al. 2001, University of Tennessee
Reduce energy use for greenhouse heating Sanford, S. 2008, GreenBeamPro
Reducing Natural Gas / Propane use for Greenhouse Space Heating Sanford, S. University of Wisconsin

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