This site is frequently updated. The workshops page has all of the presentations and materials from the Profitable Greenhouse Production Workshops held May 2012.

Program Announcements

Getting Started in the Greenhouse Business School

Occured November 11-12, 2014 at the Southern Piedmont AREC in Blackstone VA. See this webpage for materials from the workshop.

School Summary: Are you looking for a way to capitalize on the “Grow Local, Buy Local” market? Has your hobby outgrown your back yard? Are you thinking about starting a commercial greenhouse business? Then join us for the scoop on what it takes to plan and develop a productive and profitable greenhouse operation. Learn about greenhouse structures, environmental management along with pest and disease management. Hear experts talk about the range of potential crops, how to identify good potential markets, and to put it all together into a sound financial plan. Join us for two solid days of education on getting started in the greenhouse business. And, leave the training with all the resources you need to develop your own business plan – if you are ready.

This program is NOT intended for hobby greenhouse growers. This is for those seriously considering a business operation.

Greenhouse Transplants and Leafy Greens May 2, 2013