Now You Can Share Current Information with Other Growers Join the VA Greenhouses Listserve!!!

The VA Greenhouses listserve is an email discussion group, to provide a convenient and rapid way to communicate your questions, problems, comments, and warnings with other greenhouse operators. The listserve is a free service provided by the Virginia Tech. Subscribing is easy and you will receive the posted messages automatically once you subscribe.

Messages sent to the VA Greenhouses listserve will be distributed automatically to all subscribers to the list. If a subscriber wishes to reply to a message from the listserve, a reply sent to the listserve address will be sent to all subscribers on the list. The listserve is not moderated. In other words, messages are automatically sent out to subscribers soon after they are received at the server.

The value of the listserve depends on the contributions sent to it by subscribers. You are encouraged to participate by posting items of interest to others and by replying to messages from other subscribers. This may include information, questions, answers and discussions on greenhouse systems, pest control, equipment, environmental control systems, operating tips, current events, greenhouse design, or plant culture. Don't forget to post announcements of Open Houses, Field Days, tours, or other educational programs.

To subscribe to the VA Greenhouses listserve:

  1. send an email from the subscribing email address (the address you want to receive the messages) to:
  2. in the body of the message type "subscribe vagreenhouses Firstname Lastname" where Firstname is your first name and Lastname is your family name (e.g. subscribe vagreenhouses James Greenhouse or subscribe vagreenhouses Valleyview Greenhouses)
  3. Your name will not show up on the listserve and there are options for keeping your name from being available (see the details in the subscription confirmation message)
  4. Once you have subscribed, you can post a message to all list members by sending an email to:
  5. For more information, contact Joyce Latimer, 540-231-7906,