The table below lists all VT Horticulture Faculty. Click on the white arrows in the desired column to sort the table A to Z or Z to A.

Name ? Research Area ? Location ?
Arancibia, Ramon Horticulture Crops Eastern Shore AREC
Altland, James Crop protection USDA Wooster, OH (adjunct)
Beers, Eric Xylem and phloem differentiation, and function Main Campus, Blacksburg
Bombarely, Aureliano Genomics, bioinformatics, polyploidy, plant evolution and domestication Main Campus, Blacksburg
Clark, Susan Food and Agricultural Systems, Civic Agriculture Main Campus, Blacksburg
Close, David Volunteers, leadership, and urban horticulture Main Campus, Blacksburg
Da, Kedong Plant tissue culture commercialization, molecular plant breeding and biology IALR, Danville (adjunct)
Dan, Yinghui Plant molecular, cellular, and developmental biology IALR, Danville (adjunct)
Day, Susan Urban forestry, sustainable landscapes, and stormwater Main Campus, Blacksburg
Douglas, Scott Productive landscapes Main Campus, Blacksburg
Freeborn, John Master Gardener Coordinator Main Campus, Blacksburg
Fox, Laurie Water quality and sustainable landscapes Hampton Roads AREC, Virginia Beach
Freeborn, John Master Gardener Coordinator Main Campus, Blacksburg
Harris, Roger Landscape plant establishment Main Campus, Blacksburg
Hessler, Alex Organic and Sustainable Vegetable Production Main Campus, Blacksburg
Huckestein, Stephanie Horticulture and environmental education Main Campus, Blacksburg
Kadali, Satya health products from plants IALR, Danville (adjunct)
Leshyn, Barbara Spanish language and culture Main Campus, Blacksburg, VA
Latimer, Joyce Plant growth regulators Main Campus, Blacksburg
Liu, Zongrang Biofuel and bioenergy crops USDA Kearnesville, WV (adjunct)
Lowman, Scott Plants and beneficial bacterial endophytes IALR, Danville (adjunct)
Mei, Chaungsheng Biofuel and bioenergy crops IALR, Danville (adjunct)
Niemiera, Alex Management of container grown crops Main Campus, Blacksburg
O'Rourke, Megan Sustainable Agriculture, Organic Production, International Development, Land Use Change, Agroecology Main Campus, Blacksburg
Owen, Jim Nursery and Greenhouse Production Hampton Roads AREC, Virginia Beach
Samtani, Jayesh Small fruit production specialist Hampton Roads AREC, Virginia Beach
Scoggins, Holly Nutrition of herbaceous perennials Main Campus, Blacksburg
Sherif, Sherif Pomology Alson H. Smith, Jr. AREC, Winchester
Vallotton, Amber Fresh Produce Food Safety Main Campus, Blacksburg
Veilleux, Richard Molecular breeding of horticultural crops Main Campus, Blacksburg
Welbaum, Greg Seed biology Main Campus, Blacksburg
Williams, Mark Microbial Ecology of the Root-Zone Main Campus, Blacksburg
Wolf, Tony Grapevine physiology and general viticulture Alson H. Smith, Jr. AREC, Winchester
Zhao, Bingyu Plant-microbe interactions and biofuels Main Campus, Blacksburg