Program Information

For more information on VGR, see Today's Garden Center Magazine Online Exclusive.

2010 VGR Pilot Project Report

Retailers/Landscapers must sign up to participate in 2013- more information

Plastic Recycling

What kind of plastic is this? Resin codes

More information on Plastics- Reuse, Recycling and Alternatives website

Program Promotion


Spring Cleanup Recycling Flyers (generic.pdf) (customizable .pdf) (customizable .ppt)

Nursery Pot Recycling Flyers (generic.pdf) (customizable .pdf) (customizable .ppt)

Luurtsema Sales poster (.jpg 1920x2720)(.jpg 6000x8000)

Container Recycling Brochure (Customizable .pdf) (Generic .pdf)


Recycle Arrows with Nursery Pot (.gif 2085x2080)

Plastic resin codes (.gif 160x63)