Recycle Your Containers!

In 2010, the Richmond pilot project collected nearly 4 tons of garden containers. As we enter our fourth collection season, we are happy to report that we have collected and recycled over 16 tons of garden containers in our statewide recycling project. That’s over 16 tons of plastic garden and nursery containers and pots redirected from landfills.

So as you start spring planting this year, join us in a statewide initiative to redirect plastic garden and nursery containers and pots from landfills to recycling facilities. See the resin code on the bottom of the pot. All plastics with the same code can be grouped together, regardless of pot size, color or style. Miscellaneous nursery plastics that are not identifiable can be co-mingled and recycled separate from the numbered plastics. So, bring all of your garden pots to the participating garden centers listed under "Where to Recycle".

Greener Gardening

Join our container recycling program, Virginia Gardeners Recycle, spread the word to all of Virginia. We appreciate all of the participating businesses and volunteers and look forward to another green summer!

This website contains information on where to recycle your garden containers as as well as resources for participating garden centers and landscapers.