Associated Faculty: Joyce Latimer and Holly Scoggins

Floriculture research at the Urban Horticulture Center occurs not only spring to fall, but year round, utilizing both unheated poly covered Quonset huts and full sun production areas located on site. These areas, housed at the Urban Horticulture Center, closely replicate typical production techniques in Virginia, thus allowing our research to be performed under ‘normal’ growing conditions found in the Commonwealth. Our research focuses primarily on plant growth and development with an emphasis on growth regulation of herbaceous perennials.

During any season, a number of perennial plants are grown for research purposes and there are four to seven perennial research projects underway as space permits. Screening trials and research projects for current and upcoming plant growth regulators (PGRs) may involve anywhere from 16 to 300 plants each, depending on the scope of the project.

In the 2009 growing season, planned studies at the UHC include:

  1. Investigation of PGR rate and method of application on shoot to root ratios, and root growth and development of four perennial species
  2. Screening for increasing branching on several perennial species
  3. Investigation into treatment timing and number for increasing branching utilizing over wintered Echinacea
  4. Investigation of PGR application method on growth regulation of several hard to control perennial species

If you have any questions regarding our floriculture research program at the Urban Horticulture Center, please feel free to contact any one of the Floriculture Research Team, including Dr. Joyce Latimer, jlatime@vt.edu, Dr. Holly Scoggins, perennials@vt.edu, or John Freeborn jfreebor@vt.edu.

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