Greg Welbaum, Professor

Ph.D. University of California- Davis, 1988

M.S. University of California- Davis, 1979

B.S. Ohio State University, 1978

Interest Areas: plant development, seed preservation

Dr. Welbaum's work involves the following: develop postharvest seed treatments that enhance quality, study the role of turgor pressure in plant growth and development, thermogradient table design and applications, and identify alternative crops that can be profitably grown in Virginia. He teaches HORT 4764, Vegetable Crops, a 3-unit class required for crops option horticulture majors and works with commercial vegetable growers to improve production, and provide information on alternative crops.

Courses: HORT 4764 Vegetable Crops, HORT 4784 Vegetable Seed Production, CSES/HORT 3444 World Crops and Systems, and HORT 4794 Medicinal Plants and Herbs