Horticulture as Therapy
A Practical Guide to Using
Horticulture as a Theraputic Tool

by Mitchell L. Hewson, HTM

Horticulture As Therapy, by Mitchell L. Hewson, HTM is a fact-filled guide to starting up and administering a horticultural therapy program, presented through the experiences of the author at his Homewood, Guelph, Ontario, Canada place of employment. Although thoroughly detailed, this book is delightfully infused with the "voice" of a humanist and naturalist. Real life experiences are carefully intertwined with many of the exercises, projects and activities that are presented, giving special value to these presentations. This is a book that is sufficiently complete to enable a novice professional to move forward with confidence, yet sufficiently filled with innovation to enable even the veteran professional to find it valuable. Horticulture As Therapy will likely find its way to the bookshelves of all people who believe in and promote the concept of deriving therapy and rehabilitation through the horticultural vehicle.

Steven H. Davis
AHTA Executive Director