Whittlesey, L.A. 1994. Master Gardener Program -- Federal Prison Camp -- Bryan, Texas. In: Joel Flagler and Raymond P. Poincelot, eds., People-Plant Relationships: Setting Research Priorities, A National Symposium (proceedings), Hayworth Press, Inc., Binghamton, NY 13904- 1580.

The Cooperative Extension Service is dedicated to providing informational, educational, and community development services. For many years, the Extension Service has utilized volunteers to reach people it could not have reached otherwise. The Master Gardener Program is one such volunteer program.

Although the Master Gardener volunteer program is a nation-wide program, the Extension Service is broadening its scope by developing a Master Gardener program within the Federal Bureau of Prisons prison camp facilities in Bryan, Texas. This unique Master Gardener program is the first of its type in the nation. The program is designed as a six-month program that includes classroom instruction as well as hands-on activities in greenhouse production, vegetable gardening, landscape design, and floral design. The program is unique in that it not only provides vocational and job training skills, but also utilizes a new group of volunteers in community service and outreach programs.