Dobbs, G.S. and P.D. Relf. 1991. Enclave employment of disabled individuals in a university grounds maintenance department: A case study. J. Therapeutic Horticulture 6:38-49.
There is an increasing need for employees who can complete basic or routine grounds maintenance tasks allowing more skilled employees to focus on other work. Individuals with mental disabilities (IMD) can develop the required skills and obtain meaningful employment. Preliminary studies in Virginia indicate that employment of enclaves, or groups of individuals, contracted from a rehabilitation workshop provides optimum job satisfaction and long-term, stable employment as compared to the employment of IMD not in enclaves. This study expands the data to cover grounds department employment practices at 250 universities nation wide and tests the findings of the preliminary studies while providing insight into regional differences. The information will be of value to the horticulture industry in satisfying an identified need for employees.