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The following activity sheets are part of "The Young Virginia Gardener" program compiled by the Office of Environmental Horticulture. Each series consists of a teachers information sheet and a set of youth activity sheets.

Container Gardening
       Teachers Information
       Container Creations for Small Plants
       Recycled Large Containers for Vegetable Gardens
       Mixing Container Soils
       Container Soil Ingredients
       Starting and Transplanting Seeds
       Direct Seeding
       Vegetable Support
       American History Herb Garden
       Old English Tea Garden
       A Hanging Container Garden
       Kitty Garden
       Pots of Many Colors - A Rainbow Garden

Fun with Plants
       Teachers Information
       Plant Parts at Work
       Plant Parts That You Eat
       Inside a Seed
       Can You Find?
       Seeds Are Scattered In Many Ways
       Start a Seed Collection
       Plants Help People
       Things That Help Or Hurt Plants As They Grow
       Grow Your Own Plant
       Grow "Hair"You Can Eat
       Create a Plant
       Brain Teaser - Find the Flower
       Make a Hanging Picture for Your Window
       Unscramble the Plant Names
       Just for Fun

Garden Ecology
       Teachers Information
       Light Experiment
       Water and Air Experiment
       Soil and Organic Matter Experiment
       Warmth Experiment

Garden Pests and Problems
       Teachers Information
       Insect Life Cycles and Metamorphosis
       How do Insects Hurt Plants?
       Insects in Your Garden
       Toad Town
       Lady Beetle Paperweight
       Insect Show and Tell
       Plant Diseases
       How to Prevent Plant Disease in Your Garden
       Plant Disease Collection
       Plant Disease Hunt
       Other Plant Problems
       Weed Display

Growing Fruit
       Teachers Information
       Different Types of Fruit
       Searching for Seeds in Fruit
       Let's Grow Strawberries
       Strawberry Pyramid
       Bird Feeders for Flying Berry Eaters! Milk Carton Bird Feeders
       Bird Feeders for Flying Berry Eaters! Milk Jug Bird Feeders
       The Fruit Salad Bush
       Berry Funny!
       Fruit Poster
       Apple Star Prints
       Dried Apple Rings

Growing Seeds Indoors
       Teachers Information
       Make a Mini- Greenhouse
       Seed Needs
       What should I plant my seeds in?
       Make your own soilless mix
       Growing Seeds Indoors Project
       What is the Difference?
       Too Many Tomatoes
       Seed Exploration
       Interview a Seed
       Seeds for Breakfast
       Let's do it again!
       Try it on for size

Help Sheets
       Introduction to the Gardening Projects
       Things Plants Need

Herb Gardening
       Teachers Information
       Container Herb Garden
       Designing an Outdoor Herb Garden
       Planting Your Outdoor Herb Garden
       Collecting Herbs for Potpourri and Sachet
       Making Potpourri and Sachet
       Pomander Ball
       Which Herb? - A Game
       Favorite Foods
       Discover New Words in Herbs
       Herb Acrostic

Kitchen Garbage
       Teachers Information
       Mushroom Prints
       Food for Thought
       Starting Sweet Potato Vines
       Sprouts Away!
       Scrambled Veggies Game
       Growing Onions
       Grow an Avocado
       Grow a Pineapple
       Growing Garlic
       Growing Citrus

Nutrients for Plants and People
       Teachers Information
       Nutrient Cycle
       Composting Leftovers
       Raising Worms
       Gardening for Good Health
       Reading Food Labels for Nutrition
       Food Pyramid Dinner
       Food Pyramid Garden
       Food in Other Countries
       Nutrition Scrapbook or Poster
       Nutritional Word Search

Windowsill Gardening
       Teachers Information
       Starting the Garden
       Garden Labels
       Fruit from Flowers
       Food from Sunlight
       Growing Under Artificial Lights
       Sunlight or Plant - lights: Which is better?
       Watching the Weather
       Experiment with Fertilizer
       Find the Vegetables Game
       Make a Recipe Book
       Salad Party

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