Integrating Horticulture
into the Elementary School Curriculum:
Meeting the SOLs through Interdisciplinary Experiences

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Welcome to Integrating Horticulture into the Elementary School Curriculum! This site was created to accompany a Virginia Tech, graduate-level summer class that is offered to teachers throughout the state. The purpose of the class and this site is to show you how horticulture can be used to enhance and strengthen classroom curriculum. Horticultural activities and school gardens are excellent interdisciplinary teaching tools that provide hands-on learning opportunities. Research and experience have shown us that gardening can make a positive impact on students' knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors. This site provides information and links for teachers, parents and volunteers interested in creating new or adding to existing classroom horticulture activities and gardens.

Virginia Tech Department of Horticulture | Virginia Tech

For more information contact the Virginia Tech Horticulture Department at:

Office of Environmental Horticulture, Virginia Tech
407 Saunders Hall, 0327
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0327
540-231-2714 or

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