These are the 100 most commonly asked questions based on the information we have received. They are listed by category, but are in no other particular order.
The Top 100 accounted for approximately 85% of all questions asked.

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1. What sort of Bug is this?

2. Is it a Wasp, Hornet, Bee or Yellow Jacket? And what do I do about it?

3. What do I do about Ants? They're everywhere!

4. What should I do about these Bagworms?

5. I can't let these Termites eat my house!

6. What do I do about Japanese Beetles?

7. What is the deal with all these Cicadas?!

8. Are Lady Bugs good for my garden?

9. What is the story on Aphids?(Note:see Lady Bug question for information on Aphid control)

10. Tell me about Borers.

11. What should I do about Ticks and Tick bites?

12. Might I ask about Mites?

13. Help please! Its Fleas!

14. I've got a million questions about Millipedes.

15. How can I invite beneficial insects into my yard?

16. There are spiders in my house!

17. How do I stop these biting Mosquitos?

18. Those roaches do keep checking in, but they never check out (of my house)!

19. Got any info. on Crickets?


20. If its not the Moles, its the Voles!

21. How should I deal with Deer?

22. What do I do to keep those Squirrels away!?

23. This Woodpecker is driving me crazy!

24. What sort of Bird is that!?

25. I like Hummingbirds, how do I attract them to the garden?

26. What kind of snake is in my yard?

27. I'm hopping mad about Rabbits in the garden!

28. That Racoon is making me a loon!

29. Should I worry about Chipmunks in my garden?

30. Ugh! A Slug!


31. How do I grow a wonderful Lawn?

32. What do I do to prevent disease to my Lawn

33. My Lawn is being torn up, Who's behind this?!

34. I would like to grow my own Tomatoes, where do I begin?

35. What is ruining my Tomatoes!

36. My Tomato is sick and I don't know why!

37. My poor Dogwood looks as sick as a dog!

38. A Rose would smell so sweet...If I knew how to grow one!

39. Roses are red...but mine look dead!

40. How do I prune those gosh darn Roses?

41. Any advice on Oak trees?

42. What are the best Trees for my yard?

43. How do I grow Grapes?

44. What is wrong with the big Maple in the yard?

45. How do I grow Holly?

46. By Golly! What is wrong with my Holly?

47. Do you have any tips for growing Apple trees?

48. I love Squash; how could I grow my own?

49. Aiigh! Squash Borers!

50. I want to grow some Pear Trees...tell me what I need to know.

51. My Pear fruit looks horrible!

52. When is the best time to plant Red Tip Photina?

53. My Red Tip has come down with something bad!

54. What is the story on growing Crape Myrtle?

55. What are the keys to growing healthy Boxwoods

56. Cherry trees..Where do I start?

57. I want to grow a Peach; what can you teach?

58. We keep getting Poison Ivy! I want to get rid of it!

59. What kind of Pine should I grow?

60. I'm fine, but I can't say the same for my Pine.

61. Azalea culture; What is the key?

62. What kind of Pests are on my Azalea?

63. Can you give me any general information on Flowers

64. I'm cooky about Cucumbers. How do I grow them?

65. Do you have any Asparagus tips (advice that is!)?

66. I want to grow the biggest Pumpkin in town!

67. What about Cypress trees?

68. Mmmmmm...Strawberries!

69. I'm so forlorn about my unhealthy Corn!

70. I am looking to grow some Potatos; fill me in.

71. I want to plant some Ivy. Can you help me out?

72. What's the story with Mountain Laurel?

73. I have a love/hate relationship with Honeysuckle, how can I make it grow only where I want it to?

74. I'm crying tears to my pillow about my sick Weeping Willow?!

75. How can I spruce up my Blue Spruce?

76. Why is Bamboo everywhere?

77. Tell me about Daylilies.


78. How do I go about having my Soil Tested?

79. I'm a beginner; how do I start a Vegetable Garden?

80. Should I use Chemicals in my garden?

81. Do you have any general Fertilizing tips?

82. Can you teach me about Pruning?

83. What about Composting?

84. I don't know much about Mulch!

85. What are some common diseases of Tomatos?

86. Phomopsis Tip Blight on Juniper

87. Fireblight (Cherry, Apple)

88. Black Knot (Cherry, Peach, others)

89. Cedar-Apple Rust

90. Shot Hole Fungus

91. Dogwood Spot Anthracnose

92. Anthracnose of Maple and Sycamore

93. Powdery Mildew

94. Black Spot on Roses

95. Tomato Septoria Leaf Spot

96. Blossom End Rot

97. Phytophthora Root Rot on Rhododendron

98. Entomosporium Leaf Spot on Photinia

99. Slime Mold (Grass)

100. Brown Patch (Grass)

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