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Fabulous speakers, seminars, symposia, hands-on workshops, free garden walks, plant sales, and other events happen throughout the year - check back frequently for the latest!

Be sure to pick up a Visitor's Permit from Parking Services or the VT Visitor's Center if attending an event in the garden during weekday business hours (M-F, 8-5). Faculty and staff can only park in F/S spaces (limited).

November 1st to December 31st:
Acrylic paintings by Pat West

Artist's Statement: Bird Deaths

I stretched these canvases to fit into the nooks and crannies of my bathroom walls. I don't remember just how the theme of impending bird death evolved, maybe seeing a favorite snake going after a bluebird nest or the hawk that had my hen's neck in its talons.  Anyway, one bird death painting led to another.

I used mutable canvases to fit the spaces and tell the stories.  I like to try to tell a tale in my paintings, setting the stage for an unknown ending.
These old paintings of birds in peril have never left my bathroom so I thought this could be a time to give them an airing.

I love to paint.
I have been teaching myself to paint by doing it, over and over.
It is the problem-solving, in making art, or building, or gardening that both pleases me and drives me crazy.  If I am doing what I like best, working on a many-panel painting that tells a story, or just rebuilding stone walls, then I get plenty of pleasures and pains.
I live on the New River, in Southwest Virginia, on a dead-end road in a self-built house.  I am lucky enough to have traveled in many part of the world, and all has become gist for my art and life.

Pat West

Simply Elemental is an outdoor multi-artist installation integrated along the garden paths, plantings, and trees of the Hahn Horticulture Garden at Virginia Tech. It is held annually between August 1st and September 30th.

Simply Elemental 2018 will be accepting submissions for Visual Art and for the first time Performing Artists as well!

Stay tuned for how to apply.

2017 Simply Elemental website

Upcoming Shows

  • Jan/Feb'18: Nathan Popp (watercolor)
  • Mar/Apr: Jan Downs (photography)
  • May/June: George Wills (acrylics)
  • July/Aug: Rhonda Whiteside (metal - fiber)
  • Sept/Oct: Gerri Young (watercolor)
  • Nov/Dec: Matt Gentry (photography/sketches)

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For more information about BRAA, please go to or visit the Community Arts Information Office on College Avenue in Blacksburg.  The artists of BRAA eagerly share their work with the local community.  If you wish to purchase a piece, please contact the artist directly.

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