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Horticulture is plant science that includes the study of plant growth and plant interactions with the environment (soil, air, water) to improve human life through the cultivation of crops and the maintenance of a sustainable environment. Horticulture is unique as a scientific field of study in that it often utilizes artistic expression to aid the design of human landscapes and to restore natural environments. At its core it is an environmental science that recognizes that humans are dependent on their environment for sustenance and well-being that has developed as a field of study that recognizes humans are philosophically and artistically linked to nature through millions of years of human evolution.

Virginia Tech’s Department of Horticulture offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in a range of applied and basic environmental plant science topics, from plant-soil interactions, biotechnology, landscape design, sustainable urban landscaping, urban forestry, crop production, and plant breeding.

Our department is committed to engaging students in service and learning projects in the local community. To read more about our Engaged Department Award, click here.

VT Horticulture News

VNLA Field Day Summer Tour, August 13–15th. LEAN Management Workshop, Field Day and garden tours! Learn more and register here.

The NEW Viticulture Minor has been approved! Learn more on our academics page.

Megan O’Rourke’s research on linkages between food systems, the environment, and human health was featured in VT News!

Susan Day's project to advance the urban forestry profession was featured in VT News!

Amber Vallotton, our food safety coordinator, was featured in a VT spotlight on impact!

Holly Scoggins is the College of Agriculture Featured Faculty for July!

May Newsletter

Congratulations to Colleen Beard, our outstanding senior of the year!

Congratulations to Holly Scoggins for being awarded the Gamma Sigma Delta Teaching Excellence Award!

April Newsletter

Cain Hickey’s reseach is featured in the Collegiate Times!

March Newsletter

Congratulations to the Horticulture Hokies for placing 13th at PLANET! Results by School and VT Event Scores.

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